Who We Are

Nanak Development has over four decades of experience in all aspects of real estate development spanning Asia, Middle East and North America. We’ve become a top-tier provider offering a complete scope of services ranging from site selection analysis to design construct-ability review, from interior fit-out to new out-of-the-ground construction, and from aesthetic enhancements to major building infrastructure upgrades and modernization.

Construction projects are not simply about installing sheet metal or building walls. For an organization, the eventual goal is to further develop its core mission and objectives. A particular project, no matter the scale, helps to achieve this. At Nanak Development, we believe that it is important to not just complete tasks for our clients, but to understand their business culture. We can ask:

How are success and risk defined?
What are key performance indicators?
How are decisions made within a client’s organization?

Even with the ever-changing and uncertain landscape of the business world, any project can be achieved with the right construction services provider. However, having to choose between a pre-qualified contractor and a strategic partner can mean success or failure of your project – or for your overall corporate mission.

Why not have both? Nanak Development can be your complete construction services provider. We work to streamline team efforts with maximum efficiency. With our vast experience, Nanak Development provides an array of services in pre-construction and construction to help you from the earliest stages of your project until its end.

We do not base our quality of service to the client based on the size of a project. Nanak Development is committed to excellence no matter the size or complexity. Our diverse portfolio includes projects that have varied in length – from a few weeks to a few years. All projects are performed to the same high standards that align with our core mission statement.

No project is too large or too small. Whatever your needs, our staff is at your service.