As a construction services provider, Nanak Development has a wealth of experience. Our approach is finely-tuned and professional, which we have refined based on a core group of services that best serve our clients. Nanak Development can perform all tasks with dedication and care with this wide range of services as part of our construction program:

When you’ve made the decision to build on that certain real estate, we’ll be there to advise you on the best course of action in development and informed business decisions. Site and building evaluation will make available the information for long-term, fiscally sound decisions. A full evaluation can be summed up like this: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


With the pre-construction services phase, clients are even more likely to save time and money. Nanak Development believes that spending time in preparatory construction is critical to the success of a project. It is here, during pre-construction that the budgeting and planning is developed and so that all tasks during construction are executed efficiently. We offer one or more of the following services:

Site Development:

To develop the most cost effective and efficient design for your project requires a good working relationship with site engineers. We work closely with municipal utilities, traffic engineers, city planning departments, soil engineers, and sections like NJDOT and NJDEP to fast track your plans.

Architectural Plans:

In this phase, value-oriented design is provided to minimize cost and avoid over-building your project. By consulting with structural and mechanical engineers as part of a team, Nanak Development gets involved with the architectural firm in building design. Coordinating efforts with various agencies and site engineering firms will finalize your design in an expedient manner. Meanwhile, we will design your building with your business goals as top priority.


Now, more than ever, sustainability and the need to protect our environment is a business driver in almost all industries, and Nanak Development is embedded in the field of sustainable construction and energy conservation. We can help you reach good sustainability practices, or even just to reach LEED certification levels, by guiding you effectively through designs and operational procedures. These practices provide a variety of materials, systems and design ideas that can improve energy efficiency and quality of life for tenants. Add this to your project goals: produce a space or structure that is more environmentally friendly in all aspects of construction and footprint.

State and Township Approvals:

Nanak development will make presentations in conjunction with your law firm to help you get the permission to build your project and tackle issues raised by government and local authorities. From our experience with wetland locations to site remediation due to soil contamination, we have the necessary environmental knowledge on your construction site.

Permit Expedition:

We work hard to obtain the required permits in order to begin and complete construction. We spearhead township committee meetings and pacify their concerns regarding a plethora of issues.


Nanak Development provides comprehensive construction services when you finally decide it’s time to break ground. We provide the necessary materials, tools, labor, equipment, and facilities to complete construction of the project. Through the use of external as well as our own professional forces, we will coordinate all relevant activities to ensure that the project is safe and completely built in accordance to the contract.

Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each project and client.