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Moghul Caterers
(Executive Office)
Edison, NJ
Date Of Construction: September to December 2012
Type: Renovated a former restaurant into an office designated for client meetings, food sampling, and planning center.

With great success comes the need to expand the office into something more accommodating. Moghul Caterers’ reputation has garnered a demand for a more spacious, yet well-appointed client setting. What better place to move than upstairs to a 3500 sq. ft. space, newly renovated by Nanak Development? Previously a martial arts studio, the existing fixtures, flooring, and skylight ceiling was remodeled to specifications. Now, the sun shines through large windows upon the earth-toned and glittery décor, where dark wood and brown leather furniture creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Along with the swanky interior, Nanak Development has furnished an impressive meeting room, with a multi-layered dome ceiling, intricate tile work, and accented lighting to complement the granite tops and porcelain-tile floor. Offices are nestled central to the space and equipped by Nanak Development with modern facilities for the most efficient operation. Turn the corner past the curio cabinet and you will be greeted with a professional-grade kitchen for tasting and choosing customized dishes – for that special event.

Relaxing on the plush couches, prospective clients will feel secure in choosing Moghul Caterers for their business event, wedding reception, or banquet needs. And, as they look around, they can be confident that the planning and design phase will match that level of quality, a visual statement made possible by Nanak Development.

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