Route 516 Plaza Reconstruction
2626 Rt. 516 Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge, NJ

Date Of Construction: December 2012 to February 2013
Type: Recondition the facade of this multi-storefront
commercial strip mall. Construction and furnishing two
newly leased spaces.

One of busiest parts of Old Bridge is the section of state highway Route 516 that runs along Browntown Shopping Center. It is also the most commercially developed area, and high traffic is common during the day. While most of these stores have received updates in recent years, a small strip mall across from the Center fell behind the times. It was up to Nanak Development to rejuvenate the exterior.

Out of the six stores and 15,000 total sq. ft. in this building, four of them are new tenants, with two still in operation during the remodeling. Originally a brick exterior, Nanak Development overlaid the walls and support columns with plaster and a refreshed tan color scheme. The front parapet has been refaced to lend a certain distinction to the location, with a matching plaster facade built over a new steel frame.

Nanak Development took the extra time and effort into focusing on small but important details such as selecting the proper planes for trims and accents. To avoid the look of a generic strip mall, attention was paid to subtle design cues that communicate a modern look with a classical flair. Rather than fading into the background as it did before, the efforts of Nanak Development will ensure this property attracts new customers.