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ubzi Mandi Cash & Carry
Sky Plaza North Brunswick, NJ
Date of Construction: April to December 2012
Type: New construction, with build out basement storage warehouse and ground level grocery store according to spec.

Subzi Mandi is an Indian supermarket with unsurpassed variety and a reputation that is well-known among the Indian community. This store is the main draw to the Sky Plaza strip mall and occupies 17,000 sq/ft of a highly visible corner location as well as 25000 sq/ft of storage warehouse space in the basement. Every aisle of this mega store is packed full of stock, and yet cleanliness and order will be your first visual impact when walking into this roomy and well lit up space. The sheer volume, variety, and presentation will impress the uninitiated.

A supermarket this size has inventory and storage needs that a lay shopper can only imagine. Subzi Mandi has a full basement storage warehouse, including walk-in freezer storage, equipped for it. The store layout as well as the wide aisles provide not only for easy shopping at all times, but also for easy and non-intrusive restocking of the shelves. There are ample cash registers for checking out grocery carts quickly even in peak traffic hours.

Advertisements of household name brands tastefully adorn the walls of Subzi Mandi, suggesting a franchise that fully stands behind the products they carry. Shoppers will likely respond with equal loyalty.