We offer the following services in the New Jersey (NJ) area:

  • Construction Management
  • General Contracting
  • Design Build
  • Home Renovation
  • Custom Homes
  • Single-Family Homes
  • Residential Developments
  • Strip Mall Construction
  • Commercial Fit-Outs and Renovation
  • Store Construction
  • Cost Engineering
  • Lighting Systems (Accented Lighting)
  • Alarm Systems
  • Customized Furniture
  • Construction Management


Nanak Development will become, for the sake of simplicity, a part of your project team as a construction manager. To complete your project in an organized, coordinated manner, we are there as a full team member with your consultants, architects, and engineers. This consistency of workforce results in accelerated project schedules and budget savings. Doing this provides checks and balances for the team members, and speeds up decision-making in the early stages, since the key element to a successful construction manager is effective planning. Creative problem solving and resolution also come from having these construction professionals all working together in a genuine project approach.

Nanak Development’s core management philosophy is its commitment to service, which is the true foundation of a construction management relationship. By being there at the early stages of design until the end of construction, we can make sure that your expectations are fully met. We establish project controls, addressing construct-ability issues, schedule, and project budget, which is sustained by a high quality-focused brand of value management throughout the project.

As the project transitions into construction, Nanak Development’s staff moves with the project. Knowledge from the pre-construction phase is transferred to actions in the field. At this point, no one understands the details better than the construction team, who has been instrumental in each major decision and pre-construction activity.

General Contracting
Nanak Development provides general contracting services while following traditional delivery methods. Staying within the specifications of your plan, we will provide competitive pricing for your project. Regardless of how we deliver the final product, quality is our policy and we will make recommendations and provide alternatives for your consideration. We assume responsibility for subcontractor performance, since all subcontracts are held by us directly. Most importantly, Nanak Development offers you a risk-free process with a fixed price for construction.

Other construction management companies may offer services similar to Nanak Development, but we hold the contract with you, and thus hire the architect and engineer directly. This singular point of responsibility changes the project dynamic and the relationship between architect, engineer, and contractor. It effectively eliminates cross claims between contractor and architect, creating a cohesive link between design and construction that is known as Design/Build.

Our success for your project stems from the ability to assemble the right team, by handpicking the right designers and managing effectively the right construction forces for that project on a tight schedule.

All team members are involved in every step of the process to provide insight and their expertise. Nanak Development works via the design/build method from the beginning to construct your project. To achieve your goal, we ensure that finding the right partners is a requirement.

We are dedicated to every project with equal enthusiasm and integrity, with a focus on excellence.